PALE Clothing

PALE is a clothing line created by the young and talented, fashion designer, Laura Ferreira. This clothing brand is developed to cater to the needs of the increasingly fast-paced lifestyle of all fashion conscious women, younger or wiser.

Ensuring you with a balance of lasting basics to contemporary high fashion pieces.

Each garment is uniquely hand crafted with intricate design features.Harvesting inspiration from all that is rare and unconventional - capturing the essence of minimalism. PALE strives towards the highest quality of garment construction and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Africa has its own unique fingerprint and the sweeping global trends often do not take into account the diversity and complexities of Africa. We are in a very interesting space in the global sphere in fashion at the moment. This initiates a huge focus on local design. As a country, our production needs and the desire for quality are still inadequate. It is astonishing to see how many young designers understand that what they have to offer is unique and of great value and that it is setting high standards worth sharing with the world. We are definitely moving in the right direction, and with closer attention to detail and confidence, South Africa will no longer lag behind but rather lead the fashion industry on international levels.

South Africa has many diverse cultures and languages, making it one of the most unique countries in the world. Despite our differences, there is something that many of our cultures share: the art of dress. The concept of style and fashion isn’t foreign to us – one just needs to look back at our history – like the Sophiatown jazz era and the District Six Kaapse Klopse – to see that this form of expression has a constant theme.

Nowadays, the influence from our peers and social media is, by far, the greatest factor determining what we wear. The new fashion is more and more about us and our unique personalities. We’re free to express ourselves in whatever way we choose, whoever we want to become or portray. There are no more rules or confines, no magazine to warn us about the length of our hemlines or the amount of buttons on our corsets.

This is what really makes fashion so beautiful and so truly a form of self-expression. People are no longer searching for the top ten trends in Europe or America as much as they used to, we are looking within ourselves, at our own history and what traditions surround us and make us African.

I believe the welcoming of new international brands currently entering the South African market is pulling us towards being a fashion-conscious country that is forward-looking and thinking. This has increased the fashion knowledge of our consumers, which will ultimately save the retailer market. We are starting to react faster and faster to what is happening abroad and are no longer that far behind.

Every year we seem to be striving towards becoming more forceful and fearless in pushing our thoughts and creativity. We are no longer awaiting the international trends to indicate what should be trending or what we should be purchasing. Africa as a whole continent is determining what we deem and claim as appropriate. We have begun to value our insights, complexities and influences as a nation.

“Maybe everyone is a little bored with places like Indonesia and China,” explains Trevyn McGowan, founder of Guild- Africa’s design fair. People are starting to see that there’s an opportunity here. In fact, that newness is the reason why we need to speak of ‘African design’.

We are not laggards, we are setting international trends. I strongly believe Africa is setting the motion - so follow the movement.

Laura Ferreira
Fashion Designer

Fashion is not necessarily about labels. 

It’s not about brands. 

It’s about something else that comes from within you.
~ Ralph Lauren

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