Who is João Fonseca?

Today we bring you the story of a Portuguese musician, one of the best South African pop singers. Let’s take a closer look at Mi Casa, the award-winning group led by João Fonseca, affectionately known as J. Something. We left some of the wording unedited to reflect his sense of humour and colourful personality.

Best of Portugal: Who is João Fonseca ?

João Fonseca: I am a “dude” born in Portugal and raised in South Africa. I arrived here when I was 7 years old. Then I began to grow up … grow into the man I am today. A passionate guy with a love for music, food, fashion, who uses his position of influence to really motivate and develop our youth.

BoP: How was Mi Casa formed? What are the genes of the group ?

JF: Mi Casa was birthed very organically. We honestly found each other on a stage – that day shaped the relationship between myself and Mo-T. We, to this day, still freestyle pretty much everything … be it a performance or a studio session. It just flows.

The group is all about making music embedded with beautiful, positive messages that make you smile and dance. Dr. Duda, the producer of the group, is a genius.. Mo-T is who brings that uniqueness to the group with his trumpet sounds. And I do the songwriting, singing … and dancing.

BoP: What did Mi Casa, as a group, bring to the South African music scene? Is it just another band or is Mi Casa the Band? 

JF: Well, …where do we start? We aim to make sure that our brand really leaves a strong presence, built around positivity and encouragement. We have done a lot of work with the youth of this continent by providing music that makes them believe in themselves and also music that is a good message.

We don’t like claiming that we are THE band. In our world, yes of course, we are THE band … in reality, there are millions of other bands out there. We have a global mindset. BUT we are the best Mi Casa around.

In terms of specific accomplishments, we have been involved, from the beginning, with building and raising funds for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, which has been a true honour. We have been a part of so many different things. We are official African ambassadors for the Goodbye Malaria Campaign which has seen us travelling the continent to actually “getting stuck” in and making a change. We have given back a lot.

But I do believe music has been our most valuable contribution so far.

BoP: In what way can Mi Casa contribute to the South African education through its music?

JF: I have already mentioned it. Our biggest contribution lies in our message and the way we carry ourselves.

We work really hard on making sure we are good role models and use this position of influence with a lot of care. We have been a part of many campaigns around the education system.

BoP: Everyone knows the lead singer’s native language. Is a mixed South African/Portuguese album in the band’s horizon? 

JF: It’s natural. Our music comes out innately, it is not forced. Portuguese is in the album because I am Portuguese and very proudly so. It is a normal progression. We are very pleased with the quality of music we produce.

BoP: What are Mi Casa future projects?

JF: We are constantly on the grind, making sure we are active and do things that make us proud. We are working on our first DVD … this is going to be magical. Touring the world is a constant. We are just trying to get our music and message out there. We are about to release a short film. There are many things!

Follow the band on @micasamusic to find out more.

“That’s it folks”: many projects, a permanent smile and a bright year ahead – João Fonseca and Mi Casa, straight to success.